Our Story

In 2005 The Boston Babydolls emerged on the Boston scene with a mission to re-create the golden age of burlesque.  Since then, this bonafide bumping, grinding, tassel twirling, burlesque troupe has been shaking and shimmying their way around a rhinestone-covered, glamourous world, entertaining the masses and picking up new fans wherever they went.

In the fall of 2015, some Texas attorneys said their client thought our names were too similar, and would we kindly change ours.  We took this turn of events as an opportunity, and re-branded ourselves as The Boston BeauTease on our tenth anniversary.

We are the same award-winning troupe has gotten rave reviews in leading local and national press. Our unique dance repertoire boasts hundreds of routines, from sizzlingly sensual to the side-splittingly comedic! Whether swirling and twirling gigantic feather fans, offering devilish delights, or swaying and sashaying to a live singer, every performance is a night to remember.  Our precision dance moves and vintage style have dazzled and delighted audiences from The Great White North to Sin City to The Big Easy! The Boston BeauTease are proud to have shared the stage with burlesque legends like Tempest Storm, Satan's Angel, and April March, as well as modern burlesque greats such as Angie Pontani and Jo Weldon.